Screen Trifecta…Brilliant!

Finally getting a chance to relax after a long day at the office I went straight for the couch to take in a little brainless TV.  Little did I know that during the commercial break (ironic in and of itself since I was watching Two and Half Men on DVR and could have simply skipped through) that I would catch a commercial of all things that would spark the brain.

CBS has scored the Screen Trifecta with their ‘Win a Florida Trip and Mazda Miata’ contest.  They scored their first screen by advertising the contest on TV commercials.  Next, ensuring that would be participants could choose the interactive screen of their liking to enter to win they scored their second and third screens; the computer and mobile phone.  I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking this was a great idea.  Utilizing a three screen approach to promote this contest has earned CBS the Screen Trifecta!

At 11:47 pm, after a long day, most of which was spent in front of the computer, to get me to get up and go online to enter to win a trip to Florida would be like trying to move a mountain.  However, from the comfort of my couch, I reached to my side, picked up my cell phone and within 15 seconds I had entered to win.  And why not?  I have unlimited text, I could definitely use a vacation to somewhere warm and while the Mazda Miata is not my dream ride it’s worth the text!

Kudos to you CBS for pulling of the Screen Trifecta!  Wish me luck…

CBS advertises contest with TV commercials; Particpants can enter to win Online or via Text Message.

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