3 Screens…4 Screens…more screens?

8 AM Wednesday February 10, 2009 inclement weather a.k.a “the blizzard of 2010” the call was made; no one will be going into the office today.

I don’t really like working from home and I’ll tell you why, there are too many distractions.  Since I spend most of my waking hours at the office, I am usually home just to sleep, shower and change clothes.  However, being here during the day makes you realize how many things you have put off around the house.

So finally, after I got distracted from my distractions by the constant buzzing of my Blackberry I sat down to get some work done.  When I work from home I have my Blackberry (1) with all my work e-mails coming in and the BBM going like crazy.  I also have my laptop (2) from which I am responding to e-mails, posting to MondayMorningMobile.com, searching the web, etc.  Then of course there is the TV (3) which is on keeping me posted on all the winter storm updates.  But that’s it right, 3 screens is all one person can handle (yes I thought so too), however, I am also utilizing all three  of these while looking out a traditional, old school, glass screen, the WINDOW!  Yes, before the days of all the lovely technological advances was the window, which remains today.

Does the window, the screen to the real world even count?  I would say it does.  I see from the window what people are talking about on the phone (1), in their text messages (1), on Facebook (2), in their e-mails (2) and on TV (3).

Kind of funny when you think about it…everything that gets communicated through all our screens is just a peak out the window away.

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