Google CEO, Dr. Eric Schmidt, “Mobile is pretty much the answer to everything!”

After reading this quote in an article on the Mobile World Congress yesterday I couldn’t help but feel a sense of validation for the entire industry.  As I sat down this evening to write next week’s Monday Morning Mobile column, I found myself watching the entire 74 minute key note address!

During the key note address Google CEO, Eric Schmidt brought up some absolutely astonishing and great facts.  Not only are smart phone sales growing 30% year over year, in 3 year (or less) smart phone sales will surpass global PC sales.  The mobile web is growing eight times faster than at the equivalent point ten years ago on desktops and there are more Google searches being made on mobile in emerging countries than on desktops.

He went on to say that “the phone is no longer a phone – it’s your alter ego.  It’s fundamental to everything you do.”

I agree, mobile is the 1st place I look and pretty much the answer to everything to everything.  By far one of the most interesting key note addresses I have ever heard.

Click to Watch key note address


Seth Kaplan

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