10 Billion?…I can dig it!

Today I had a chance to take a look at Morgan Stanley’s 2009 Mobile Internet Report today.  This follow up to their Internet Report, published in 1995, was put together by their global technology and telecom analysts.  Morgan Stanley stated that their “goal is to get our thoughts and data into the conversation about what may be the biggest technology trend ever”.

On the site I found they had three different presentations, a 94 page slide show – just excerpts, a 659 slide presentation – exploring key themes, and finally the 424 page report.  The key slide featured below showed what they expected as the increase from desktop internet users to mobile users, increasing to 10 billion plus users within the next 10 years.  They sited lower prices and expanded services as two of the key attributes that would lead to having 10 x the number of devices/users.  See slide below:

What I found just as amazing as the idea that mobile internet usage could really increase so quickly, was that Morgan Stanley dedicated so much time, energy and personnel to creating these massive reports (I have not read them fully).

Now we have all seen how trust worthy our beloved financial firms have been over the past couple years.  However, for myself and others in the mobile industry, I sure hope (I also believe) that they got it right this time!

Good job Morgan Stanley, way to get your head in the game!

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