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Happy Monday Morning all – thank you for joining us.  Over the past six weeks we have looked at an array of topics regarding mobile phones, a lot of which have dealt with the transition from phones into mobile devices which can be used in a variety of ways.  All of our topics have been looked at in terms of the facts, numbers, and insights provided by industry thought leaders in order to promote the use of mobile technology and how we can benefit from it.  However, every day each one of us turns to the screen of our mobile device countless times for an endless number of beneficial utilities.  Each and every one of us who carry our mobile device like our child, 24/7, are ingrained in mobile technology and we like it.

Now I cannot speak for everyone, but I start my day each morning by looking at my phone and checking my e-mails.  How great is it that you don’t have to sit at your desk while your computer starts up just to check a couple e-mails?  And I continue to use this feature all day long.  I can schedule as many meetings and appointments as I want during a day and on occasion never go into the office once without missing a single thing; it all comes directly to my phone (sometimes quicker than it does to my CP).  I can service existing clients and generate new ones all on the go, all mobile.

As I get ready to head out to Las Vegas this week for the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Annual Conference, I make sure everything I am doing and everyone I am meeting is securely organized in my Blackberry.  I will definitely not be carrying around my laptop all day as I walk the convention (and the strip) and nor do I need to.  While I am there if I need to find a taxi, restaurant, address, or phone number it’s just a Google search away.  I’m not the only one doing it; in December 2009 27.9 million unique visitors used Google to search from their mobile device according to Neilson Company.  When I attend conferences like this I make sure to get the cell phone number of everyone I am going to meet because I know it’s the only thing they are sure to have on them and have access to at all times.  Should I not be able to find the meeting spot or be running late, a text message will clear that all up instantly.

While there is no doubt in my mind that I can operate more efficiently as a business person with my mobile device than without it, I also know the same holds true for everyone else.  Mobile devices are the equalizer.   We all have them and use them the same way most of us are now using Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.  However, all the aforementioned abilities they provide do not set us apart; they simply get us to par.

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to sit with Allan Dalton, President of Top 5 Real Estate Network, regarding his upcoming book on social media in real estate.  During the course of our discussion made the point that, “Social Networking where everyone is linked-in or connected with a growing retinue of fans friends and followers, yet these same folks are simultaneously connected with other Realtors, runs the risk of a zero sum game.  That is if everyone is doing it no one is.”  This statement is not only profound, but astonishingly obvious at the same time.

The same holds true for mobile technology.  In order capitalize on the fact that every homebuyer and seller has a mobile device you must implement a system which allows your business to grasp the opportunities this phenomenon presents and generate more revenue from it.  In order to facilitate this, we will be releasing a system to create a mobile real estate culture for the leading real estate professionals of the world.  Stay tuned!

Read the edited version at: http://rismedia.com/2010-03-07/monday-morning-mobile-we-the-people/


Seth Kaplan

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