10am on Tuesdays… Why?

I was fresh out of college, and I was interning for a broadcast company in suburban New York when I met Mr. B.    Mr. B. was the General Manager of our 7 radio station cluster and he had some VERY unique methods for managing.  Mr. B. was a check list manager, on a super micro level.  He had a checklist for every employee, including interns, and he would meet with them/us once a week for 5 minutes to go over what we had completed from the previous week and to see what could be added to our list.  So here is the General Manager, with at least 7 people who work under him that could be in charge of my to do list (because I was an intern) meeting with me once a week to make sure that T-shirts got folded, that the van got organized, and that autographed pictures from recording artists got hung on the wall in the conference room.  Seemed to me like a complete waste of his time.  I’ve come to learn that some people are better managers with unorthodox methods.  And Mr. B. had quite a few unorthodox methods.

Even with his checklist managing style, how he spoke to people, and the fact that he was always at the office no matter what time of the day, the most interesting thing about Mr. B. was his theory about Ten a.m. on Tuesday mornings.  Now before I explain his theory, I’d like to state that I’ve done a decent amount of internet research to see if this theory had been birthed elsewhere or at least tested and perhaps proven.  I have found zero evidence to support this theory, in fact I haven’t even found an experiment that tests anything like this.  Mr. B’s theory is that the best time to find someone at their desk, is on Tuesday at 10am.  Mr. B swore that the one guy that you’ve been leaving messages for would most likely be at his desk on Tuesday at 10am.  The employee that’s been ducking you, the client who needs to pay his bill, the potential client who has been shrugging you off…  Tuesday at 10 is your best chance to have him answer his phone, and you must be organized and wise as to who to call at that precious time.  You wouldn’t want to waste your Tuesday at 10am call on someone who ultimately wasn’t interested, after all this magical time only happens once a week.

Throughout the following years, I’ve noted the few Tuesday at 10am calls that I’ve made by coincidence and I can’t say I’ve had better luck finding people at their desk.  However I haven’t truly tested Mr. B’s theory.  When creating this blog/article stream, I thought it would be easier for the reader if I kept to a schedule, If I could be counted on for having fresh content on a certain day and time each week.   Ten on Tuesdays seemed perfect, and if there is any truth to Mr. B’s theory, you’ll be at your desk after your early morning meetings, with nothing else on your schedule until after lunch.  You’ll see the clock hitting 10am, and you’ll know that it’s time for your meeting with your Mobile Marketing professionals.  I’ll see you at Ten On Tuesdays.

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