The Big Summer Signing

Since the end of the NBA season much of the media attention around basketball and sports in general has been focused on where superstar LeBron James will play next year.  Well last Thursday LeBron announced to the world that he would be leaving Cleveland and signing with the Miami Heat.  While this may be the most hyped free agent signing to ever hit the world of sports, another signing happened this summer which could have an even bigger impact on the country, businesses and communication for decades to come.  On June 28th President Barack signed the Presidential Memorandum: Unleashing the Wireless Broadband Revolution.

Back on March 1, 2010 we covered FCC Chairman, Julius Genachowski’s plan for the United States to become the world leader in wireless Broadband.  That plan has now been set in motion by the signing of this Presidential Memorandum which directs that executive departments, agencies and offices take a number of different steps.   Step one is to make available a total of 500 MHz of federal and nonfederal spectrum over the next 10 years, which will be suitable for both mobile and fixed wireless broadband use.

In the Memorandum President Obama compares the Wireless Broadband Revolution to the Internet Revolution which spurred the resurgence of American productivity growth that started in the 1990’s.  The President goes on to write that “Expanded wireless broadband access will trigger the creation of innovative new businesses, provide cost-effective connections in rural areas, increase productivity, improve public safety, and allow for the development of mobile telemedicine, telework, distance learning, and other new applications that will transform Americans’ lives.”

The main goal of the Memorandum is to keep pace with the exponential growth in demand for high speed data and video to Mobile Devices.  This can clearly be seen within the real estate sector already where a number of the regional powerhouses have decided to take their websites and listing information Mobile already for their more mobile enabled consumers.  The continued investment in networks and technology will lead to more devices and consumers who can access data, video and other forms of enhanced content on their Mobile Device.

However, what’s important to note is that initiative has been set in action not because the Wireless Broadband Revolution is yet to come, but because it is already here.  With devices like the iPhone4 and the Sprint Evo 4G in conjunction with low cost carriers like Metro PCS offering unlimited talk, text and web for as low as $40 a month we are in midst of this revolution now.  The Memorandum is to ensure that we can continue to accommodate the improvements in wireless technology and demand that will continue to grow exponentially over the next couple years.  Our government is taking the proactive approach as opposed to a reactive.

The same holds true in real estate; be proactive not reactive.  Ensure your brand and listing information is Mobile before consumers have already found another destination to meet their Mobile needs.

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Seth Kaplan

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