The Passive Step

In a job market full of college graduates and people with a few years experience under their belt, I stood out because I would walk into any office, shake any hand, look anyone right in the eyes and introduce myself.  I am friendly, social, personable and authentic.  Perhaps your office is full of people like this, many are, but when I came out of school I was being compared to others who had less social skills, others who because of technology, acted differently.  My age group experienced the video game boom, dvd’s, real computers that could actually do things, and more and more technology to keep you locked in your room all day.  You didn’t need more than a few real life friends because you may have several hundred online.  Less time was spent outside playing and conversing and more time was spent inside pounding thumbs on a controller or keyboard.   In this group of people, I stood out.

The fact that I’m capable of having a conversation and shaking someone’s hand is not what this blog is about, imagine the ego I would need for that to actually seem interested.  What I want to touch on, is the fact that those people I was being put up against, are now consumers and they carry with them the same mindset and habits.

You’ve seen them, they walk in your store with their eyes at their feet, they don’t respond when you ask them how’s its going, it may seem like they’re all business but the reality of the situation is that they don’t possess the skills to interact any better.

So now think of your advertising, your marketing, which traditionally has asked people to take a step.  i.e. come into the store, call the number, go to the event.  Now think of this kind of person, sitting in their car, saying to themselves, “oh man if I go in there I’m going to have to talk to sales person, or I’m going to have to answer questions about what I want.  That is an intimidating situation for a person like this, so to solve that problem we create The Passive Step.  Mobile Marketing technology allows us to do this.

What if the front of that store had a sign that said, “Text SALE to 88500 for more info,” that person could text in, get some preliminary information sent to their mobile device and start the relationship on their terms.  At this point they have taken a passive half step, but the relationship is kicked-0ff.  And that’s the important part.  You now have given them a digital recommendation and impression and in addition to that you have the right to send them a marketing text message right to their phone.  A reminder that you’re available to help them ease into the relationship that they opted in for.  A mother with kids in the car takes the passive step outside of a car dealer and then drives home because she didn’t want to go in without her husband to be there to assist in the decision making, but she started the relationship!  A family stands outside of a home with text message capabilities on the for sale sign and starts the relationship with a passive step because they are unable to take the full step of going in side at that very moment.

Starting the relationship is key, and text messaging allows for the kick-off to happen in a very passive way.  If you’re not using some method to allow passive consumers to interact with you, how much business could you be missing?

Michael Batiste

V.P. Business Dev.

Mobile Card Cast




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