Ways to use SMS & Mobile Web.

Historically when I speak with clients, or potential clients I like to merely educate them on what mobile is, what the capabilities and feature sets are, and rely on their expertise of their business and day to day operations to tell me how it fits into their life.  Mobile isn’t always for marketing, although it’s certainly a powerful tool in that realm.  Here are a few examples of how some companies use mobile.

Graceland Tattoo: The unique thing about Graceland Tattoo in Wappingers Falls, NY is that the artists that work there are some of the most talented in the country.  To spite the fact that there are 3 other tattoo shops within 10 miles of Graceland Tattoo, the body art specialists are each booked well into 2011.  So how does mobile work for them?  Well they certainly use it in their advertising, both in their radio & print ads, as well as in store.  But mobile serves them best in another way.  When you come in to make an appointment with an artist, they ask you to text GRACELAND to41045, because if someone does cancel an appointment they can easily blast out an SMS to all customers who have pending appointments with the opportunity to bump up to an earlier date.  Rather than calling a few customers and trying to fill the spot, they can easily communicate with thousands of clients.  When you really think about it, the block of time for an appointment is the most precious thing in Graceland Tattoo.  And no block of time should go wasted.  Mobile solves this problem seconds after it arises.  Since Graceland Launched their mobile initiative in early 2009, they have not had an empty chair due to a canceled appointment that couldn’t be filled.  Recently they launched a new mobile website, because they know the importance of having a presence on the internet that formats for phones.

Traditional Site: http://www.GracelandTattoo.com

Mobile Site: http://www.GracelandTattoo.com (you’ll be automatically redirected) or go direct to http://graceland.mccid.com

Just days away from launching is http://www.AngelText.Me referred to as “Angel Text Me.”  Owner Joshua T. has made it a personal mission of his to spread inspiration around the world, across all forms of media and content consumption.  With the low open ratio of e-mail blasts, mobile marketing was the only solution to building a successful business model for Angel Text Me.  Not to mention, the subject matter, “inspiration” works better by being delivered right to a persons hand, or pocket rather than sitting in an e-mail inbox.   Want some inspiration?  Text ANGEL to 88500 or go to http://www.AngelText.Me

One of my favorite uses for mobile has to be the campaign we recently launched with Timex.  The watch industry has a real problem in that years ago the employees who used to work at stores that sold watches, or at a watch store were knowledgeable in the features, capabilities and brands that were sold.  Currently, that’s not really the case.  Watches are sold all over the place, where Timex cant necessarily rely on a store employee to know which watch works best for the different potential customers.  This point of sale problem get’s solved with Mobile. Now the customers can take the power into their own hands, and by either going direct to http://www.Timex.com or texting in, they can receive all the relevant information to any product that Timex sells.  SMS and Mobile web solved this problem and also set Timex up for a simple, yet impressive Q4 marketing campaign.

I’m a realist, and I’m not going to go as far as saying that Mobile enhances everything, because it doesn’t.  However Mobile is the best solution in many cases of marketing, POS, distribution, scheduling, reminders, and many other scenarios.  What’s most important is that you become educated on the capabilities of mobile, and all forms of technology so you can find the best solution for your problem.

As always, feel free to text MikeB to 88500 to get my contact information right on your phone.

Mike Batiste

V.P. of Business Development

Mobile Card Cast

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