E-mail vs SMS

Often times when I’m speaking to new clients, and talking about the true power of SMS marketing they reference their e-mail list.  Perhaps I’m just too close to these forms of marketing but is it not common knowledge that most reports say that the open ratio on e-mail marketing is below 15 or 5 percent?  Listen, I know it was hard work to build that e-mail database, and chances are you did it yourself so there is also a bit of pride that goes along with it.  Please just understand that it’s not the best way for you to put butts in the seat, or hands on the counter.  It’s just one tool, that peaked a long time ago.

Now I’ll put my money where my mouth is because I’ve actually done this following experiment on numerous occasions and I have won every single time.  Invest the tiny amount of money needed to start a text club.  Let a professional help you build it the right way, with the right message and the right offer.  Let’s build it until you have 100 people in your text club for every 10,000 in your e-mail database.  Let’s send em both the offer and see which drives more traffic.  I’ve won this bet with 75 texters vs 32,000 e-mail recipients.

“It’s all in how you use it.”  Think about that statement, it goes both ways.  Not just how YOU use your e-mail marketing, but more how your consumers use their e-mail.  Think how you personally use that one account, that you never really check, probably an old AOL or Hotmail account.  Thats who you’re marketing to.  Now think how you use your mobile device…  see where i’m going?  No more of this once a week blast, just build a text club and only text them when it’s truly important.  They will respond exactly how you want them to if you do it right.

Mike Batiste

V.P. of Business Development

Mobile Card Cast


Text MIKEB to 88500

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