“Be Like Water…”

Without getting into the vast details, we have a business philosophy here at Mobile Card Cast that is simply to, “Be Like Water.”  It stems from a Bruce Lee quote where Lee goes on to explain how water can be anything.  Put water in a cup, it becomes the cup.  Put water in a tea pot, it becomes the tea pot.  Take into consideration that water is essential to life, and also is one of the strongest forces that we are aware of on our planet today, and you have yourself a rather deep and perhaps complicated philosophy in just three little words.  Be like water.

I think our philosophy can be adopted by many businesses, no matter the size.  It would be hard to argue that being everywhere is not a good thing in a growing business, so long as you can support the effort.  To me, this is where mobile factors in.  Think about your business, are you limited?  Are you NOT, like water?  Perhaps you have a store front, or a warehouse, maybe both… Perhaps you’re on eCommerce website, a service provider, or a content provider…  Are you really everywhere, or at least everywhere you should be?  Maybe you figure, you’re online with a website and that means that anyone can find you and that’s good enough.  Well if that website doesn’t work on mobile phones, my friend, you aren’t anywhere at all.  Now mobile isn’t the one stop solution for everyone to be everywhere but it certainly makes sense for many types of businesses.  Here are some examples:

Plumber (Service Provider): Sure, you’re in the yellow pages, and have a website.  But when the power goes out, and the pipe freezes and breaks, what is today’s consumer most likely to do?  Grab their phone and go to Google.  That’s what.  So if they search for Plumber in their area, and your site comes up, can they get your info? Does it format for mobile?

Daily News Site (Content Provider): You make your revenue one of two ways, the first being advertisers.  You provide your content for free, and your advertisers foot the bill.  Don’t get blinded by an app, at that point your really just telling certain consumers that they’re good enough to consume your content.  The second way you generate revenue is by subscription, if you were a consumer would you pay for content that you could only consume on your desktop or laptop and not on your mobile?  I know I wouldn’t.

Car Dealer (Locational Based): Whether you want to go as far as making sure your inventory, payment calculators, and car features are listed on a mobile site or not, you at least need to have a mobile site that formats for phones with your basic information.  I can personally say that I was shopping for a car and skipped a dealership that I was potentially going to spend north of ,000 at because I couldn’t get their address when I searched for them on my mobile phone.  Their website didn’t load, and I didn’t go back to Google to try and filter out a phone number or the address, I just moved on down the road to where I knew there was a dealership.  That day a bought a car, true story.

As you can see, many cases for the uses of mobile can be made.  And really this is just the tip of the iceberg as SMS marketing (text message marketing), data basing, mobile content conversion, and QR Codes can round out a mobile campaign that is like nothing else.  Mobile can be a rewards program, lead generation system, and marketing monitoring tool all in one.  Be sure to learn all the capabilities of mobile, and don’t get sold a simple text messaging campaign unless you can rule out the other capabilities of mobile.  If you need help, ask a pro.

In closing, you must picture yourself, your customers, your friends, your colleagues, the people you see on the street as you go to work, the cop sitting in his car on the side of the road, the waitress, the cashier, the receptionist… everyone.  What do they ALL have in common.  I’d bet good money that their mobile phone is within 3 feet of them if it’s not already in their hands.  So if you want to “Be Like Water,” if you truly want to be everywhere…  You need to be mobile.

Mike Batiste

V.P of Business Development

Mobile Card Cast, NY

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