Coordination and Integration

When I first graduated college and worked in the financial services industry, one of the best terms I ever heard was “coordination and integration”.  We used the term to describe how our financial instruments would work in conjunction with one another for the benefit of the client’s portfolio.  Something about that term stuck with me.  It made sense and regardless of what I have done since then I try to incorporate it when appropriate.    Recently, I use the term to describe how a company’s marketing efforts should coincide with one another; in a coordinated and integrated manner.

I don’t usually talk about directly about my company, Mobile Real Estate, but in this instance I am going to and hopefully you’ll understand why.  This week we launched the 2nd version of Mobile Real Estate ID platform and I have never been more proud of my team and our product offering.  It is truly the most robust mobile marketing solution that has EVER been offered to the real estate industry.

What makes it even better than simply being robust is that everything about it works in a coordinated and integrated manner.  Originally birthed as a text message lead generation product it has evolved into a complete mobile solution.

Not only can users now mobilize all their listings for text messaging, but they can also immediately generate a unique QR code for every listing.  What’s important to know about that is it can be done in one click and it will direct all consumers directly to the single property mobile website for that listing which is also created automatically by the information entered.

FYI – users can take advantage of the QR code marketing system, OneCode™, FOR FREE!

The coordinated and integrated approach we have taken to mobile marketing allows users to upgrade to have all their listing information uploaded automatically and/or create the own full mobile website right within their account.

Envision this scenario; a consumer drives past your listing.  They see the sign rider which instructs them to text in or scan the OneCode™ for instant information.  They scan and are taken to your mobile website where they can see detailed info for the listing they’re in front of.  They also have the option to use GPS to see the 10 closest listings for sale or, if they want to, search to entire MLS to find other listings that suite them.

Now you have become the mobile destination for all their real estate information needs.  Why?  Because this mobile marketing system you’ve employed works in a coordinated and integrated manner.

This shameless self promotion will pay dividends in your business I guarantee it.  I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t believe it.

Sign up today at today!

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