Mobile Market Your Way

With the holidays and the first week of January 2011 behind us it’s back to business as usual.  As you may or may not know (if this is your first time reading) our business here at Monday Morning Mobile is Mobile!  While 2010 was certainly an exciting year, one in which we saw the birth of this column, major mobile websites by some of the industries powerhouse firms, mobile initiatives and sponsorships of some of the biggest industry conferences; I feel 2011 has the potential to be and will be even better on the mobile front.

In one of my first conversations this year with a potential client we discussed the different options available to them for the mobile initiatives this year.  As part of that conversation, recommendations were made based on the philosophy about mobile we have here at Mobile Real Estate.

Now, while our recommendations have merit, it does not mean that a client can’t do what they feel is best for their business.  In fact, I applaud a any professional who has spent the time, energy and resources to determine what the best strategy for them and their business is and seek out a company who can provide it for them.

The situation above brings up to light a couple points which are worth expanding on.

1.       There are a lot of great mobile products available on the market today especially within real estate.  They range from text message lead generation to downloadable applications with mobile websites, QR codes, and mobile tours in between.  However, mobile should not be a standalone marketing imitative.  It is meant to be integrated into the overall marketing mix of a company to enhance what is already being done in order to capitalize on the consumer shift to mobile devices.  As a result, you must find and/or develop a solution that coincides with what your company is already doing or planning to do so that it works and benefits your company.  Not everything is right for every company.

2.       If you have a concept that you believe will fit into your marketing mix, feel will enhance what you are already doing and help you ‘sell the sizzle” in your business – go for it.  Quality mobile companies, like quality web development firms should have the bandwidth and expertise to tailor the solution to you.  Yes, you will pay for the customization depending on what it is you want, but it will be well worth it if it gives you the confidence in your business and marketing to take your business to the next level.

With 2011 upon us, 4G, LTE, additional spectrum being purchased and the ever increasing adoption of mobile web usage, if you have not started to think about mobile as part of your marketing you need to do so now!  Get the year started right with a mobile solution that works for you – and the 292 million mobile users in the country.

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