Q&A: Is an iPhone App right for your business?

The following is a question that was asked on LinkedIn in the Mobile Marketing category.  My answer, which was marked as the “Best Answer,” will follow.

Is an iPhone app right for you business?

What are your thoughts on one of MarketingSherpa’s latest studies?

SUMMARY: Apps for the iPhone have generated considerable buzz in the consumer world, but do they have a place in a B2B marketing strategy? The answer depends on several key factors, including the nature of your audience and the functionality you can provide through an app.


Clarification added 4 months ago:

Okay… Let’s get a little more clear here folks. I don’t want to hear about platform woes and preferences. Be creative and share your thought leadership on approaches, themes, settings and features. I’m going to extend this and invite you all to contribute further clarification.

Clarification added 4 months ago:

The link I provided is no longer open to non MarketingSherpa members. Either way look at the summary above and provide your commentary per my previous clarification.

Best Answer:

IVO is on the right track in my opinion. Before you cater to those upper tier phones with an app, you should first establish your mobile website so that ALL internet enabled phones can view your content, even if it’s in a more simple format. THEN you can provide enhanced functionality to the iPhone, Droid & BB users through the use of other mobile capabilities and/or apps. Don’t let your first step in mobile alienate +80% of cell phone users that have mobile web.

Mike Batiste

V.P. of Business Development

Mobile Card Cast

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