Simple Q&A About QR Codes

What is a QR code you ask?
The simple answer is that a QR codes are a gateway to the information in you want to provide and have another person possess. This is similar to providing a website link, for which they don’t have to type in the information. For ease and effectiveness all that is required is to be able to scan the code from their smartphone, which uses an app to take a photo of the strange looking square.

Who is using them?
The trend here in the U.S started over a year ago, but has moved a little slower than areas like Europe and Japan. Macy’s, Express Clothing and other retailers have started in on the fun. I have seen the QR Codes not only on what I might consider junk-mail but also in store front windows. In both of these instances I was shown a short video and then placed into the main website to purchase items.

How does a QR Code relate to Real Estate?
The Real Estate industry has become quite creative with QR Codes. Recently I have seen them used on flyers, sign riders, business cards and even car decals. When scanned, again a variety of information is provided, as you can direct scanners to anything on the web. Agents are providing links to marketing materials, listing information, YouTube videos and of course their websites.

Every Smartphone should have a reader available. Search for an App Store near you for one and try it out.

Need a visual?
This video was on CBSNews, The Early Show almost a year ago, but still some great, relevant info! QR Codes explained

Click Here for more information on One Code, to see how easily you can just use one code for all your listings

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