Tech Faux Pas – QR Codes Online

I have recently seen QR codes used online, specifically on Facebook Fan pages. With the words “Scan this for more details”. Huge tech faux pas folks! Think of me as your tech fashion guide. A little like What Not to Wear on TLC, but What Not to Post with a little T.L.C!

Question: Why would I scan that code, from my phone when it is just going to direct me to a website on my phone? Yes, we all love mobile and everything is going mobile. But, if I am already on my web enabled phone, PC at home or the office wouldn’t you just provide me with a link to click and be directed to where you want me to go?

Moral of this Tech Fashion story is save the QR codes for print. Place them on ads, mailers, car wraps, t-shirts and yard signs to be scanned. While making sure you are offering a mobile enabled destination from the QR code, of course. Otherwise you are not only wasting your viewer’s time, but you also look a little foolish. Like LeAnne Rimes in this “brunch outfit”.

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