Monday Morning Mobile: #Fail

At Mobile Card Cast we Try and be more than just a technology company, we are a collection of Mobile enthusiasts who adopted the mantra “iLive Mobile” throughout everything we do.  As such, many of you who frequently read this column know how excited I was when Verizon finally made the iPhone available.  Since adopting the iPhone I have expanded the Mobile boundaries I was once limited to by light years.

The access to information and the level of efficiency which e iPhone has provided me is unparalleled to any device I have ever owned.  I have been able to eliminate numerous other devices I once required because the iPhone is many devices all in one.  Those no longer needed include, but are not limited to: camera, iPod, and alarm clock.  In addition to needing fewer devices, I a lot of the services I need on a daily basis have also found there way onto my iPhone; banking, weather, travel, movie tickets, social networking and more.

As I’m sure many of us know the more apps you have the more alerts you get; facebook, twitter, bank alerts, etc.  The point of this week’s column which has taken me a few sentences to get of is allow push notifications at your own risk!

Last week I was scheduled to speak at the real estate technology conference, Xplode, in Orlando at 10am.  I was scheduled to leave NYC’s JFK airport at 6am in order to get there on time to speak.  I set my alarm for 4am so I could leave by 4:30am getting me to the airport in more than enough time to check in and get through security, perhaps even have a little breakfast.  Instead Chase decided to send a push notification overnight.  This notification froze on my screen causing nothing else to function until it was cleared.  When I woke up in an utter panic at 4:45am realizing there would be no way to make it to JFK on time, I cleared the alert which was then immediately followed by the sound of my alarm clock – lot of good it did me then.  Needless to say my mobile failed me.

The rebound:

I quickly gathered my composure and went right to JetBlue’s mobile website, identified the next available flight, switched my ticket and got ready to head to the airport.  From the cab I texted work that I would be late, emailed the hotel the file I needed to have printed and waiting upon my arrival, mapped directions from the airport in Orlando to the hotel (info available on the conference mobile website) and reviewed (shortened) the presentation I would be giving later that day since my time slot would surely be chopped down due to my tardiness.

The hectic nature of this morning not only brought to light my dependence on my mobile device, but the fact that the importance of having a mobile website in today’s mobile world is no longer a luxury.  It is a necessity for me and all other consumers, who like me, find themselves often in the need of information on the go.  I will continue to Live Mobile.

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