Mobile Statistics Are Useless

If you are reading this, chances are that you were doing a search for Mobile Marketing Statistics, or something very similar.  We’ll let me save you a lot of time and energy… STOP.  Even if you are gathering information for one of your largest clients or for a big presentation, you are wasting your time, and the time of those you intend on sharing this information with.

Let’s jump back to the internet boom for a minute, especially since there is a large number of similarities between the internet boom and the mobile boom.  The usage, technology, demographics, and any other buzzwords within standard digital report, it all changes way too fast.  By the time a report comes out, it’s ancient.  The individual markets are adopting at rates never before seen or imagined.  You don’t need mobile stats because the people that you or your client are targeting are mobile users, I will make that bet everyday of the week.  What you really need to be looking for is mobile case studies.  See what has worked, and what has not.  The only thing keeping the 60 year old BlackBerry user from scanning a QR Code in the airport is that the offer is weak.

So please stop thinking that you’re going to figure out what campaign to run, or what is going to be successful by targeting a demographic that is heavy into mobile marketing because it’s all nonsense.  Make sure your offer is significant and legit, and that your call to action is crisp and clear.  If you put it in places that your target demo can see it, it will work.

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