How to have success with a QR Code in your campaign

At Mobile Card Cast, we have had a lot of success with QR Codes in campaigns and I believe it is because we use QR Codes the correct way, leaving no barrier to entry for any end users.

Here is the correct way to use a QR Code:

Step 1: Selecting a QR Code generator: It is not always best to use a free QR Code generator as they are limited in analytics, reporting and features. There are many QR Codes out there that allow you to change the destination URL at any time, and and also have your destination after scan dynamically based on specific conditions.  This is a Mobile Card Cast exclusive so you’ll have to reach out to me if you want to test drive those capabilities.

Step 2: Don’t let your QR Code be too big! There is a direct correlation between the amount of characters in the URL vs the size of the QR Code. If the URL you are trying to put behind the QR is – then your code is going to need to contain 3x as much info as it needs to and it will reflect that in size and density. Use a short URL tool to shorten your URL down to make your QR Code less dense. This allows you to print it smaller, and gives QR Code readers a higher success rate at scanning.

Step 3: Don’t alienate any potential participants! Partner every QR Code with a text messaging component for those who have not yet adopted QR Codes, or perhaps do not have a phone with a QR Code reader. The last thing you’d want to do is to tell someone that they are not capable of interacting with you / your client.

Step 4: Clear call to action. On your marketing / advertising piece, make sure the call to action is VERY Clear. Scan this code with your phone to receive an exclusive deal, scan to win now, etc. And do not say “Use your smartphone…” this is a very common mistake, as there are more feature phones that can scan QR Codes than their are smartphones in the market.

Step 5: and this is optional, but you should include the opportunity for someone to download a reader, as QR Codes are being adopted by more and more consumers each day, there comes a point for each person converted to a user where they decide, “Ok, enough is enough and i’m going to get one of these apps to scan these codes.” On all of our pieces, we usually include, “Text READER to 88500 to download a QR Code reader today!” this is a keyword we set up for this very purpose, and we get about 13% of every campaign we run, uses this tool (over the past 2 months)

Last but certainly not least…. the thing that most QR Code users mess up…. Make sure your destination is Mobile Optimized! A QR Code is inherently mobile, so you should never have it link to a site or content that is not mobile optimized. If you’d like to see some mobile optimized sites, please go to (from your phone): ,, I hope this helped, let me know if you’d like some specific case studies or metrics on recent QR Code campaigns.

Mike Batiste

V.P. of Business Development

Mobile Card Cast

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