Mobile Done Right: The MTV Video Music Awards

For any skeptics and/or critics out there that don’t believe that Mobile usage will surpass traditional web usage in the VERY near future.  I’m really sorry but you’re flat out wrong. The only thing keeping your hopes alive is that there are still plenty of companies, brands, and marketers doing mobile the wrong way, which leads to reduced usage.  I’d like to share with you some proof that when mobile is done right, with simple and clear call to actions, utilizing the existing tools in the market place (not reinventing the wheel) and providing interesting content in ways that everyone has a formatted experience on their phone, it’s a home run.

Below you will find some recent statistics from the MTV Video Music Awards (yes they don’t play videos any more, and yes they still give awards out for the videos that they don’t play.)  MTV, using clear call to actions on how to share your thoughts on existing social networks (rather than joining custom chat rooms and MTV Built technology) provided the right atmosphere to promote mobile usage to surpass traditional web usage and traffic.  See for yourself:

Key Aspects:


In the past we have all seen where the internet is used as more of a soap box than a conference table.  Where users come to anonymously complain and critique anything and everything.  In this case you are getting a sense of a micro network that existed for a short period of time, the end users from many different social networks and devices who all shared one thing in common, they all had thoughts on the VMAs and MTV guided them down the right avenue to focus all participation in specific areas.

Top Hashtags

For one of the celebrities to not be a top hashtag is significant.  The sum of the event was more than it’s pieces and that is the way that should be, but has not been in the past.  Truth of the matter is, historically it was a significant difference in percentage between the overall event and the show stopping moment.  Whether it was Madonna and Britney Spears kissing or Kanye West stealing the thunder from Taylor Swift, those moments often out shined the event 2:1.  Now last night’s event success was not because there wasn’t any big show stopping moments, because there was! When Beyonce announced to the world that she and her husband Jay-Z are expecting a child, tweets were rolling out at almost 6 thousand per minute.  Yet you’ll see that VMA is the higher ranked hashtag because of the planning and execution of MTV, but more importantly because of the evolution of the mobile user.

User Agents

Last but certainly not least.  The triumphant 44% mobile users brings a smile to my face.  Hats off to MTV for linking the TV Viewer with their mobile device to enhance the experience and participation.  This is a grade A example of knowing your brand, audience, and formulating a simple but extremely effective plan without reinventing the wheel.

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