Mobilize: (verb) to assemble and make ready for action…on mobile devices.

If you looked up the word Mobilize in the dictionary you would find an array of definitions ranging from “to put into movement or circulation” to “make ready for war”.  With the 3rd generation of iPad hitting the stores this past Friday and over 300 million mobile users in the US alone the definition of the word Mobilize is primed for a change.

Moving forward in a business setting it will be used to refer to whether or not you have “mobilized your brand”.  Have you assembled and made ready for action your content and brand for access from mobile devices?  Understanding of course that’s a broad question because mobile devices today are so versatile and allow for so many different access points; text message, QR Codes, Mobile Web and Apps to name a few.  Have you covered them all?

The goal here is not to confuse or overwhelm, but more importantly bring to light the overwhelming need to ensure that you can today’s largest and fastest growing audience; mobile users.  As with anything there is more than one way to skin the mobile cat.  I would recommend first ensuring that you understand the mobile tools available and then identifying those you feel could make the biggest impact on your existing marketing.

Once of the most exciting characteristics of mobile technology and mobile marketing is that it need not be a new stand alone initiative.  It is designed in a way in which it can compliment and integrate with all of the existing marketing you are already doing and increase the ROI of that marketing.  Mobile also gives you the ability to enter new marketing channels in which you previously may not have been able to quantify the ROI and therefore stayed away.

Completing mobilizing your business means that you have integrated all the various mobile technologies that are available in the market today in a coordinated and integrated manner.  This can be a large undertaking for any organization and may be something you want to handle in stages.  If this is the case, ensure that you are working with a mobile solutions provider who provides the full range of technology as well as the capability to integrate with third party systems and providers for the best long term results.

For more information on how you can get started mobilizing your brand visit

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