What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a broad term because it can refer to several different ideas or topics at once. Simply put, mobile marketing deals with how the producer can maximize participation and profit while ensuring a quality experience for the mobile user.

Advertising is the key to mobile marketing, but it is the effectiveness and promotion of the advertisements that will either lead to success or failure. From SMS marketing, to mobile web banners, to social networking, advertising is always present, but it’s how the ads and products are displayed that will either turn the guest away or have them wanting more.

Take SMS messaging for example; although experiences will vary between consumers, it can prove to be extremely beneficial. SMS marketing is a multi-layered advertising method that requires customer participation, so the initial advertising scheme must be attractive enough to draw further intrigue for the mobile user. After the producer has established and presented their text-in ad (ex. text “SHOP” to 12432), the company must then produce a different ad via text message to encourage the mobile guest to delve even deeper by being directed to a mobile version of the product being advertised. While this type of marketing may prove successful, the fact that the user can opt in or out of the messaging at any time draws even more to the appeal of SMS marketing.

Any web user knows that advertisements will always exist and be present on webpages, both on mobile devices and PCs. However, ads are typically smaller and less obnoxious on mobile devices than those that would be found on a webpage via PC, again drawing more appeal to mobile users.

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But what about social networks? Facebook has over 900 million users worldwide, and the site is a key to online marketing. Companies use Facebook to advertise not only through sidebar ads, but also through their own “Liked” pages. Facebook will recognize the pages that a person “likes” and personalize the sidebar ads, which are determined by those “liked” pages. In August 2012, Facebook will begin putting mobile advertisements on pages in their mobile app, which has potential for success or disaster. While ads are vital for any mobile website because they provide more exposure to the mobile guest to spark interests, the appeal to Facebook and Twitter mobile users is the lack of advertisements on the networks, because users can already control their ad interests through companies they “like” or “follow.” Facebook is aiming for maximum revenue, but the desire to visit the app may disappear with the addition of more ads.

Advertisements are an essential part of the mobile experience because it is beneficial for both the producer and the consumer. A good mobile marketing strategy is crucial for any company as the world progresses through the technological era, and the mobile user must be active to guarantee present success and future advancements in the marketing world.

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