The Power of Google Mobile Analytics and How It Can Enhance Your Product

Google, the global powerhouse responsible for dozens of readily accessible applications for virtually any need, created Google Analytics with every site owner in mind. Analytics provides webmasters and IT analysts with a source to show every bit of information about visits to their websites through statistics and graphs. As part of Google’s GoMo (Go Mobile) initiative, the company has launched Google Mobile Analytics, which provides the same features as the original application, but gives stats for mobile website visits or mobile app downloads.

Mobile Analytics has already become a mobile app for Android owners, and Google has established noteworthy capabilities for Android and iOS app creators that provide a plethora of information for those on the go. Through Analytics, app developers have access to such info as visits per day, pages per visit, average visit duration, amount of downloads, type of device used to download, how many users opened up the app directly following the download and the user country and location.

An example of a mobile analysis through Google Mobile Analytics

Google has also been sure to connect Mobile Analytics capabilities to other Google applications, by incorporating Google Play. Producers can see if their app was discovered in Google Play and can then decide whether to continue paying money for their ad campaign on that website or move on to another web source to get people downloading their app. Developers making their apps available through Google Play will be able to track which traffic sources are driving new downloads and conversions.

Life in Mobile has joined Google throughout its 2012 AdSense In Your City tour, which is also part of the GoMo initiative. The tour travels to cities in different regions around the world to offer website owners and publishers the “best practices and customized optimization tips” to enhance their mobile sites.  Together, Google and Life in Mobile work with the publishers that attend to ultimately maximize monetization and exposure for their mobile sites. John Lim, CEO of Life in Mobile, has travelled with the ‘AdSense’ tour to present his expertise in mobile monetization to various audiences.

“With the continuous growth of technology, it’s important to have a mobile strategy in place,” says Lim on creating a mobile website. “The goal of any site publisher is to maximize traffic and revenue, and creating a mobile site with a mobile monetization strategy in place is the best way to do that.”

Through Google Mobile Analytics, app developers and mobile site owners have the ability to monitor the metrics of their products and can adapt them to fit the varying demographics of their mobile outreach. Mobile Analytics provides an in-depth prospective of every part of a mobile site or app and is tailored to allow any business the opportunity to target a specific market.