Top Reasons Why QR Codes Are Not Dead!

Top reasons why QR Codes are not dead!

Whether you think QR Codes were too slow at being adopted, or never adopted at all here in the United States, I’d like to present to you some information about some recent campaigns, and how they suggest the complete opposite.

QR Codes outperform SMS at call-to-action.
  As a rule, we encourage all of our partners to put both a QR Code and SMS keyword on every mobile call-to-action that they print, publish or broadcast. Over the last 12 months, QR Codes have significantly outperformed SMS in the majority of campaigns we’ve run.  Specifically, we worked with a major beverage company who put posters and table tents in bars within the top 8 markets in the U. S.; This campaign saw a 3:1 QR over SMS ratio.

Mobile users are receptive to learning.
The mobile user is the most aggressive consumer the world has ever seen, but that doesn’t mean they’re not willing to learn new technology that will make them more efficient. In a recent campaign, we added, “Need a QR Code Reader? Text Reader to 88500” next to the QR Code. This campaign yielded 9,800 interactions, 8,000 of which were QR Code Scans. Out of the QR entries, 6,500 users texted READER to 88500.  Ready, willing and able to learn more, the mobile user is perhaps more receptive to learning than we ever anticipated. View the case study of this program here (NYDN LINK).

QR Codes are disruptive.
The point of every design is to get attention. To turn heads. To pop out. Since their introduction in the United States, QR Codes have been extremely disruptive.  Mobile Real Estate™ is a mobile firm that specializes in providing mobile technology to the Real Estate industry. They incorporated QR Codes in their suite of products in 2010, and since then, their product has increased its effectiveness of generating leads for Real Estate Agents by over 50%.  The mobile user on the purchasing prowl chooses QR over SMS. (Link MRE)


These are just the top reasons as to why QR Codes are still extremely relevant. In fact, QR Codes can work for you  right now. If you need more reasons, we’re here to help.