Leveraging Mobile Coupons, Facebook and Twitter to Drive Consumers in Store

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 3.37.37 PMWith the holiday season just around the corner, many marketers are asking what is the best way to get more people in their stores. The key is to leverage your existing channels – social media, print, TV, radio, as well as big data. Mobile is the tool that allows you to maximize these channels. While mobile provides you with the opportunity to engage consumers at all times, there is limited time to actually capture the consumers attention. If you do get a consumers attention, you need to ensure you are saying the correct thing in order to keep them engaged.

Social has proven to be a strong vehicle to connect with consumers as not only are they already engaged with your brand, but social tends to be interruptive. With social, you can leverage cool mobile promotions that will drive consumers to a store, such as mobile coupons and scratch offs. Race to Retail, Life in Mobile’s most popular mobile campaign for 2013 is a perfect example of how to drive foot traffic. Once consumers engage with your marketing, regardless of the marketing channel, they are provided a mobile coupon with a countdown timer, requiring them to visit the nearest retail store within the allotted timeframe to redeem that coupon. Behind these mobile coupons is intelligence that allows each user to have their own custom timer.

To view our online demo of how these smart mobile coupons work, click here: http://lim.bz/coupondemo