Mobile has a Niche with the MLS

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 3.27.18 PM.pngThere’s often a lot of hype around the FIFA World Cup when it’s played. It’s an  incredibly opportune moment for brands and marketers of all different verticals to tap into the hype and focus their strategies around “the beautiful game.” For example, twitThe problem here is that the ‘Cup’ is only every four years for a month and a half, then goes away. All of those casual fans that watch the games because it’s the thing to do during the summer and an excuse to cut out of work early to go drink seemingly disappear until it comes back around again in four years.

With the sport of soccer being overshadowed by the likes of the NFL and MLB, it somewhat makes it look like an inopportune placement of valuable marketing dollars to brands and their agencies. However, let’s step back for a second.

While it’s true soccer may not have as big a fan base as the NFL or MLB, I can confidently tell you that soccer has the most passionate, loyal fans of any sport. Not just abroad, but right here in the U.S as well. I personally attended the first 4 games of MLS team NYC FC’s inaugural season at Yankee Stadium, and for a team that had never existed before this year that stadium was ROCKING. Flags flew, blue smoke filled the night sky, and chants echoed from the supporters section for the full 90 minutes. I’ve already seen tattoos of the teams logo on fellow fans, and photos from traveling supporters.

How does this all get tied into your mobile strategy? It’s all about loyalty here, and rewarding the fans that are rooting teams on through thick and thin. In return, they like brands that are intimate with them. For example,