Leveraging Weather for Real-time Marketing

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 3.24.32 PMThe human experience carries with it a number of internal and external factors to which we are all predisposed. Internal factors include hunger and sleep; when we’re hungry we eat, and when we’re tired we sleep. External factors such as environment affect our mood, drive, and goals – weather being the key external variable. We’re most inclined to go outside when it’s nice out and stay inside when the weather is bad.

Weather is quite possibly the foremost external variable affecting humans and influencing decisions, and has been since the dawn of mankind. Marketers have tried for years to leverage the weather conditions, knowing its power in influencing everyday decisions. Weather is one of the most powerful and fastest changing sources of big data, and a much sought-after medium metric marketers have longed to use; however, due to the dynamic nature of weather, oftentimes by the time a marketer can react to this big data, it becomes ‘old data’. Knowledge is only power when you can react to it.

Having the ability to leverage weather gives marketers the power to have more effective and relevant communication with each individual, effectively customizing the consumer journey, regardless of where they’re located. For example, imagine you have identical twins – one is located in below freezing and snowy upstate New York, compared to the other in warm and sunny Southern California. Although identical in most ways, the twins’ purchasing behavior will be completely different. Until the evolution of linknexus™, marketers have not had the technological opportunity to leverage the weather in real-time for consumer marketing. Further, they’ve not had the ability to create the algorithms needed to execute their vision.

With linknexus, marketers not only have the ability to design complex consumer journeys based on ever-changing weather conditions, they literally have the ability, with a few clicks of their mouse, to create them without the need for a team of programmers.

Video source: Cisco