Making Your Experiential Events Count

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 4.57.39 PMThe summer is on the way at last. After a brutally cold, and seemingly never ending winter in New York and around the the US, you can bet that consumers will be taking to the streets in full force in the next few weeks. What better time for marketers to hit the streets themselves and take advantage of spring fever and summer festivities?

Setting up experiential events and guerrilla marketing tactics for products are great ways to touch consumers in the warm weather and strike a chord while they soak up that sun that was so dearly missed. One question still looms large though.

What are you actually getting out of your events?

It’s one thing to set up experiential events, giving away prizes at bars and beaches or letting consumers get a taste of your product while they pass through, but what’s the payoff afterwards? These events seem to come and go in a matter of hours, leaving brands hard pressed to find a way to track the success and keep a relationship with the people who were there. Aside from keeping that relationship, it’s hard enough to engage every person attending the event to begin with. Brand ambassadors will always be outnumbered, making an intimate conversation with every consumer impossible. When you combine these factors, it’s clear to see that marketers need a simplistic approach to speaking to all consumers at their event.

How can it be done? SMS of course.

If you leverage the consumers favorite toy in a quick easy way, it can lead to numerous benefits. It takes just a few seconds to pull out your mobile device and send a quick text to a friend, and it’s no different while interacting with a brand. By distributing cards that incentivize people to text in to play a game through a mobile web experience and win a prize, or be entered into a sweepstakes, brands can easily touch each consumer. In having consumers text in and be taken through a mobile web experience, the brand gets more exposure and more importantly, builds a database of numbers to reach for future events and remarketing purposes. All the while, consumers spend time on their device interacting with your brand without the anxiety of feeling like an ambassador is trying to sell them on something, and the brand gains deeper insights to the effect of the event.

In short, events can be hectic for both consumers and brands. Using text messaging gives both parties leverage to interact with each other outside the atmosphere of the event and more easily identify opportunities to shorten the path to purchase. With summer coming and people constantly being on the go, this seamless experience is crucial to integrate with every event thrown.