Unlocking the Social Link in Mobile Engagement

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In a report from Moovweb, users are 11.5 times more likely to click on a digital ad than to hit a social sharing button.

Where’s the divide? Let’s start by setting the stage with the most mobile savvy users out there – the millennial. You’ve most definitely heard this term whether it be in the publications you read, meetings with clients, or throughout your routine social media check ups throughout the day. It’s no secret that the mobile device has fused to their hand for their day to day activities and whether on their daily commute to work, hanging with friends with friends, or at an event, millennials are constantly updating their social media pages to keep their followers in the loop.

So what is the issue marketers are having in making their brand sticky on social media?

For starters, the explosion of social media in the past decade has allowed our generation to develop a fabricated sense of identity, even if it differs from the physical versions of themselves. The majority of social users are careful and calculated about their posts, in efforts to maintain a social image amongst their hundreds to thousands of followers. They’ve sculpted a pristine image of how they want to be perceived and they’ll be damned if they start acting as an advocate for brands.

That said, there is a way to get your audience to share without merely leaving the social share button there as an option. First of all, begin with an experience, after all the basis of what our social channels are meant to allow us to do is to share experiences. For example, let me play a game or watch a great video about your brand that is going to make me want to share this with my audience in the first place.

The experience itself still might not be enough to get these users to share with their followers. A way to really create incentive to share your brand is by offering them something. Maybe it’s an extra sweepstakes entry, extra dollars off a purchase or another chance to play an instant win game that has daily play restrictions. Millennials especially are a generation of consumers that expect to be instantly satisfied, so to expect them to share for the sake of sharing is a stretch.