Mobile Nominations Lead to Free McDonalds Breakfast

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 4.46.20 PM.pngLet’s leave health and wellness issues at the door for a minute. As of late, McDonalds has been really killing it in the mobile market. We’re all well aware of the very public battle for breakfast between McDonalds and newcomer Taco Bell, but McDonalds seems to really have their mobile reach in tune right now and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Their most recent campaign allowed consumers in Northern California to text or tweet nominations for who should receive a free breakfast delivered by McDonalds. Nominees were greeted at their front door to an employee with an Egg McMuffin, small coffee and hash browns free of charge. The catch? This was a mobile only promotion. The only method of entry was through SMS or a social media post. This campaign is another great example of how SMS should be woven into each and every campaign, and how the power of SMS still reigns supreme. Not only is McDonalds more likely to have higher levels of engagement from both the people nominating and the nominees, but this is an excellent opportunity to get consumers to opt in to receive future messages from McDonalds. The fast food giant has been under scrutiny for their poor health standards, and has taken a hit in sales due to the strong push from Taco Bell to infiltrate the breakfast market. What better time to ask users to opt in than right after they’ve been handed a free and delicious breakfast to kick start their day?

Kudos to McDonalds for this one. Should they continue with this forward thinking and increasingly mobile focused style of marketing, I believe they’ll be able to tap deeper into the Millennial market in the future to recover some of the recent hits they’ve taken.