Why Brands Should Leverage Weather in EVERY Campaign

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 4.33.20 PMAdvertising inside weather apps is a great idea, sure. Promoting shovels and heavy duty tires while a winter storm is on the way or coupons for fans and air conditioning units during a heat wave is sure to see results, but why limit that the variation to only being within an app?

Since the dawn of time, the human has had to adjust to weather and make daily decisions in reaction to Mother Nature. Sure, it’s great to target your ads based off weather conditions while users are already thinking about the weather. It makes sense, to push product in front of them as they may be prepping for their commute or daily activities, but what about daily decisions that we as humans aren’t thinking about as intently. For example, I could be looking to order a pizza, but it’s pouring rain out and I’m 10 miles away from the nearest pizzeria. Of course I’m not going to leave my house to visit the store. Wouldn’t you as a marketer want to offer me as an individual something different than a user who is, lets say, 1 mile away from the store on a beautiful sunny day. These users aren’t in a weather app merely looking at the weather to plan their day. They both have an end goal to eat and the weather is now just a barrier. Marketers should be speaking with each individual differently. To the individual who is experiencing bad weather,