Mobile Moms and the Shopper Experience

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With the focus being centered on the Millennial that was born and raised in the digital world, are marketers forgetting to tap into one of the most profitable demographics out there? According to a recent infographic from Adweek, Moms are now more than ever using their mobile devices throughout the entire shopping process. In fact, 7 out of 10 moms use their smartphones while shopping in store. It’s not just while moms are in store that they’re on their smartphones, but also in the planning and pre shop where they’re already being influenced in their path to purchase. 64% of moms are comparing prices, and 59% are looking for coupons and deals.

Moms in the household typically have a high purchasing power and, like most humans, are extremely attached to their mobile devices. With Moms paying such close attention to details throughout the entire shopping experience, it’s important for brands to facilitate the journey each step of the way from pre shop, to in store, to the post shop experience. There’s no better way to stick with the consumer during the entire experience than to be in the mobile device. Consider growing up, when Mom was sitting at the kitchen table clipping coupons before her trip to the supermarket, or when she would be in the store and forgot a coupon while trying to couple items that would work well together. The mobile device not only makes this process much easier, but enables marketers to further drive consideration and create shorter paths to purchase. Using tactics like mobile gamification out of store to reward consumers with unique coupons to drive them in store, and providing recipes and other product combinations within the experience is a quick and simple way drive consideration of other on brand products.