Using data to produce positive marketing outcomes

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Today’s digital marketing, and particularly mobile, requires smart use of data. As our products and services enable the collection and real time use of the data, it’s also important to remember the other side of the coin to drive insights and action from data.

The Life in Mobile team took the opportunity to look more deeply in partnership with Apt Marketing Solutions, an agency that works with businesses of all sizes that want to connect with their customers in more efficient and meaningful ways and recently profiled in Adweek for their use of big data in cross channel marketing campaigns. These are our three tips for tailor marketing messages to meaningfully use data in your marketing communications:

  • Deliver on a core experience with each message. Create a clear definition of success as reflected by customer behaviors and outcomes that can be measured. Use these to define the type of content and level of personalization required to communicate this message.
  • Meet a stated set of campaign goals. A short, specific set of goals that are in alignment with your definition of success should always be agreed upon for each campaign. Additional measures may also be added to better tailor messaging by communication method, to enable nuanced execution, or to managing timing of engagement.
  • Consistently simplifying campaign requirements. Each member of your team can act as success advocate by setting up process checkpoints to look at campaign outcomes and enforce refinement against these findings.