5 Reasons People Are Addicted To Mobile Games


Did you know for mobile gaming addicts, the brain reacts the same way it would for a person who’s addicted to drugs? Today, people love playing and winning games so much that it has become an addiction. Yup, people are actually addicted to mobile games. Something in us keeps us playing and playing until we win. This is probably because humans are naturally competitive, but also because when we see moments of downtime in our busy lives, we automatically turn to our little mobile devices lying next to us.

What is it exactly that makes mobile games so addicting? Here’s 5 reasons why mobile games keep us coming back for more:

1. You have to wait.

Okay, we can all admit that America isn’t made up of the most patient people in the world. And since many games allow you to only play once per day or until you run out of lives, the longer you have to wait, the more the impatience and crave to play again builds.

2. We love positive reinforcement.

When we do something right we receive some type of positive reinforcement from the time we are children to adulthood. Anything from hearing the words ‘good job’ to winning a prize; we love knowing we accomplished something. Positive reinforcement makes us feel good about ourselves whether it’s in school, work, or leisure. We like feeling happy and special, and instant gratification after playing a game immediately satisfies that desire.

3. We can play while simultaneously doing something else.

Mobile games are quick and easy and don’t take much time or attention (usually). So even if you’re bored waiting online at the supermarket, in the car (as the passenger, of course), or making yourself lunch, you can still quickly play that mobile game you’ve been dying to play since yesterday. Plus, most of the time you only need one hand to play; leaving your free hand to be used for something else!…Multitasking at its finest.

4. They’re free.

Although there are a lot of games that require you to pay to download or play, there are also a ton that are completely free! Certain games like prize wheels and scratch and wins allow you to instantly win a prize, but also enter you into a contest to win a grand prize, all for free. Since you are eligible to win twice, it’s like killing two birds with one stone. What more could you ask for?

5. They’re social.

People feel a sense of pride when they win, and what better way to boast to all of your friends then via social media? Games often let you share your results immediately after you win. Not only are you showing everyone how awesome you are for winning, but then they end up getting addicted too! Thus, creating more gaming addicts.

Obviously, a mobile gaming addiction isn’t as nearly as severe as a drug addiction, but it’s still crazy to know our brains react in the same manner. Mobile gaming is quite the craze in today’s digital and tech-savvy world. The addiction is growing rapidly, and soon it will make the those who strategically leverage mobile gaming, more successful than ever.

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