Understanding Those Unique “Magic Moments”


In a world driven by constant distractions and short attention spans, it has become difficult for brands and marketers to display their meaningfulness in consumers’ lives. So many brands and marketers are shouting for each consumer’s personal attention which ultimately has lead to more ignoring and less attention being paid. That’s why brands and marketers need to start targeting consumers when it matters most; or at their “magic moments” as stated in this great read.

We can consider these “magic moments” to be those which matter most for both the consumer and the brand. Consumers today want to be engaged on their own terms, without ads and messages invading their lives. Therefore, it is important that when they do want to engage that brands reach them with the right message at that particular moment with as minimal distraction as possible.

The brand’s goal should be to blend in and become part of the consumer’s experience. Consumers want brands to add value to their lives, and so it only makes sense that the optimal moment  for a brand to take part in a consumer’s journey and engage with them is when they are actually looking for thatspecific something. For example, if a big snow storm is approaching and I am looking specifically for a new pair of heavy duty winter boots, it only makes sense that you show me a coupon or ad for heavy duty winter boots… Not suede, not sandals, not anything else, just that; because that is what I need at that specific moment based on the real-world conditions affecting me. That is what we can consider to be a “magic moment.” I, the consumer, am looking to engage with you, the brand, at that particular moment; and you being there with the right message is what makes the interaction more meaningful.

As stated in the article, “it is worth it to get the right content, on the right device at the right time because the moment itself is of real value.” By doing so, you are actually listening to what the consumer wants, so that you can enhance their experience, instead of disturbing it. Consumers will thank you and your brand for actually sending them a meaningful message that is applicable to their lives in that moment, making it more “magical” than ever.

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