Pokémon GO is the perfect example of how mobile has created a shift in human behavior.

poke logo

If you haven’t heard of Pokémon GO by now, you are one of the few. On July 7, this augmented reality game, played on the mobile device, launched in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. Nintendo took a popular series and combined it with a universal game that has been around as long as we can remember to create a unilateral global scavenger hunt. The mass mania is one that we have not seen since the Gold Rush, over 160 years ago.

 In the first week alone, the high volume of traffic caused the server to crash. Not only has this game beaten other mobile gaming phenomenons such as Candy Crush, but it’s also attracted more users than Twitter and is now chasing Snapchat. Local businesses are capitalizing – from being a Pokespot or Gym to pub crawls that bring gamers together to capture more Pokémon. The MTA tweeted a warning to take caution near train tracks. It’s a fascinating human experience.

Pokémon GO is the perfect example of how mobile has created a shift in human behavior. Mobile has allowed this craze to be possible by offering users the freedom to play. The mobile device keeps you connected every minute. You can email, call, text and play while spending time with your family, friends or while at work or the gym.

 Pokémon GO has leveraged the Human2™ Theory – the game focuses on the human behind the device, not the device itself. Not only does it leverage your GPS but also you Gmail account and other personal preferences. It has become the most invasive app on the planet to gather data, but people are willing to trade their information in hopes of finding Pokémon. In recent years, the government and the NSA have come under fire for invading privacy. But Pokémon GO proves that we are okay with giving away our data if you give me something to play. The brain functions differently while gaming – behavior can be guided. Consumers willingly give up their information to earn rewards. Things that were not acceptable before, have now become acceptable.

 This sensation has not only proven that the Human2™ Theory should guide all consumer engagements, but also that people are willing to forego their privacy in exchange for rewards. The mobile movement continues to evolve and shift human behavior further.




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