Mobile Infographic – Mobile Bowl 2013 – Millennial Media

Have you wondered what mobile users watching the big game were actually doing? This mobile infographic for the 2013 big game gives you the insight that you are looking for!

Mobile Advertising

source: Mobile Marketing Trends from the Millennial Media 2013 Mobile Bowl Report

The MUST SEE Mobile Infographic via Mobile Marketing Watch

The Must See Mobile Infographic – Mobile Marketing Infographic


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Infographic: Marketers Meet The Post-PC Era | Mobile Marketing Watch.

Top Reasons Why QR Codes Are Not Dead!

Top reasons why QR Codes are not dead!

Whether you think QR Codes were too slow at being adopted, or never adopted at all here in the United States, I’d like to present to you some information about some recent campaigns, and how they suggest the complete opposite.

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