Responsive Design for Mobile & The Super Bowl

CEO of Life in Mobile, John Lim at Google HQ in Mountainview, CA. as featured speaker to Top Website Publishers

Mobile Done Right: The MTV Video Music Awards

For any skeptics and/or critics out there that don’t believe that Mobile usage will surpass traditional web usage in the VERY near future.  I’m really sorry but you’re flat out wrong. The only thing keeping your hopes alive is that there are still plenty of companies, brands, and marketers doing mobile the wrong way, which leads to reduced usage.  I’d like to share with you some proof that when mobile is done right, with simple and clear call to actions, utilizing the existing tools in the market place (not reinventing the wheel) and providing interesting content in ways that everyone has a formatted experience on their phone, it’s a home run.

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How to have success with a QR Code in your campaign

At Mobile Card Cast, we have had a lot of success with QR Codes in campaigns and I believe it is because we use QR Codes the correct way, leaving no barrier to entry for any end users.

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Mobile Statistics Are Useless

If you are reading this, chances are that you were doing a search for Mobile Marketing Statistics, or something very similar.  We’ll let me save you a lot of time and energy… STOP.  Even if you are gathering information for one of your largest clients or for a big presentation, you are wasting your time, and the time of those you intend on sharing this information with.

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“Be Like Water…”

Without getting into the vast details, we have a business philosophy here at Mobile Card Cast that is simply to, “Be Like Water.”  It stems from a Bruce Lee quote where Lee goes on to explain how water can be anything.  Put water in a cup, it becomes the cup.  Put water in a tea pot, it becomes the tea pot.  Take into consideration that water is essential to life, and also is one of the strongest forces that we are aware of on our planet today, and you have yourself a rather deep and perhaps complicated philosophy in just three little words.  Be like water.

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Mobile Web Goes Mainstream

www.SoDamHot.comLocal Restaurant in Valhalla, NY uses Mobile Web

Mobile Web Goes Mainstream

The mobile web has been the dominant subject in web design for the past 2+ years. A quick peek at Dribbble, a social media site where designers share their projects, will show you that many of us are working on mobile device apps and interfaces.

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How American’s Spend Mobile Internet Time

In May of 2010, Nielson released a study on internet usage by category from American Mobile Devices.  As many similar studies will be released over the next couple of months, I wanted to showcase how significant the numbers were in May of 2010, as they will be substantially higher in the new studies.

May 2010 Nielson Mobile Internet Usage Chart (By Category)

Here is a link to the original article:

Q&A: Is an iPhone App right for your business?

The following is a question that was asked on LinkedIn in the Mobile Marketing category.  My answer, which was marked as the “Best Answer,” will follow.

Is an iPhone app right for you business?

What are your thoughts on one of MarketingSherpa’s latest studies?

SUMMARY: Apps for the iPhone have generated considerable buzz in the consumer world, but do they have a place in a B2B marketing strategy? The answer depends on several key factors, including the nature of your audience and the functionality you can provide through an app.

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Guest Writer…

For the next Ten on Tuesday Post we will feature a guest writer. Joe Formica will be showcasing his thoughts on Mobile and I promise you will enjoy the fresh take on the subject.