Cashing in on Millennials

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 4.44.07 PMIt’s the term that marketers hear in their sleep. Millennial. All anyone can really talk about capitalizing on lately is the Millennial market.  Bank of America Merill Lynch recently published 8 trends they found among Millennials and how they shape some great investment opportunities. The trends are listed below, but my take on these trends of course run back to the mobile aspect. There are trends, yes, but most of the trends and opportunities that lie ahead for marketers are in the ability to tap into each from a mobile perspective. We know that the Millennial generation has had the most exposure to the digital world and its now easier to reach them through mobile than any other channel.

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Why Geofencing Just Isn’t Enough

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 4.49.15 PM.pngIn recent events and publications, so much emphasis has been put on targeting the right consumer at the right time. The solution many brands and marketers have shifted their focus to has been the use of geofencing. This location based targeting allows marketers to push messages and ads to consumers based solely on their location. The travel industry in particular has taken to the idea of geofencing as an optimal solution to embrace mobile. For example, an Adweek executive discussed a campaign which consumers across the Midwest were targeted with beautiful photos of Montana, a ski friendly state. The campaign overall was a success, attracting more visitors and a $6.1 million dollar rise in spend.

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Coke Zero: This Commercial is NOT Drinkable

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.46.19 AMIf you’re like me, you’re still coping with the end of March Madness, but happily traded in college basketball for the season premier of Mad Men this past Sunday.

As I often do while watching high profile TV shows and sporting events, I was paying close attention to the commercials during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Finals. I love seeing new and innovative ads that normally surface at these times. What stood out the most for me was Coke Zero’s “drinkable commercial.” At first glance, another home run from Coca-Cola. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, a sultry and seductive 30 second spot shows a hand pouring a bottle of Coke Zero off screen. I as the consumer am supposed to get my Shazam app up to recognize the commercial, taking me to an experience of a glass getting filled with Coke Zero, eventually leading me to a mobile coupon to redeem a free Coke Zero at Target.

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CEO of Life in Mobile, John Lim at Google HQ in Mountainview, CA. as featured speaker to Top Website Publishers

A Breakdown of the ‘Branded’ Trailer

It isn’t often that you see a trailer insert brand advertising schemes for a movie that emphasizes the immorality of branded products. The upcoming film, Branded, presents that, along with a whole bunch of other strange scenes in its trailers alone.

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Cracking The QR Code

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86% of People Watching TV Are Using the Mobile Internet

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Mobile for Q4 2010

The mobile industry has really upped its game for the 2010 Holiday Season.  Major companies and small businesses seem to have retained all of the mobile hype that was publicized throughout the year and are ready to put mobile on the front lines.  Trust me when I tell you that the hype was all well deserved, I’m incredibly excited to see all of the positive results that come from the Q4 Mobile Marketing campaigns that will happen throughout the US.  Recently, my company Mobile Card Cast received some press about one of our major Q4 campaigns with Timex.  Read that article here:

Do you have a Q4 plan?  Does it involve mobile?  It’s certainly not too late, in fact you have plenty of time!

The Digital World

In my life, I’ve worked in retail, promotions, I was a DJ on a rock radio station and now I find myself as an Interactive Media Director. Although these jobs are very different, like anything there are some similarities. One similarity is the need for explanation. I would need to explain products and services to the customers of the retail store where I worked as a teenager. Then as a young adult I found myself explaining contest rules while pitching some sponsor information as I worked on the streets as a promotions director. Explanation was a major part of what I did as a radio DJ because, well, if your audience doesn’t understand what you’re saying, they’ll never do anything that you may need them to do. (buy concert tickets, visit the morning show Jock at a car dealer, and all the other crazy things radio stations need to do in order to remain in business.) Most recently I find myself explaining digital media to people, from all walks of life. It seems that everyone needs to know about digital media and new technology, and they need to know for different reasons. A local business owner needs to know about new technologies because they may help him cut costs, or open up a new avenue for marketing to his potential customers. At the same time a person working in sales needs to know about what digital features are now part of what they offer to clients, or what their competitors are offering so they can sell against or around it. At the end of the day, everyone needs to understand what tools and capabilities are out there, and they need to understand for different reasons. Since I’ve been a professional explainer, helping all to understand what’s in front of them for quite some time, I’ll now offer that service to you. Let’s face it, you NEED to know what social networks are, how and why they are used. You need to know what Twitter is and why everyone keeps asking you if you’re blogging. You need to know the difference between and e-mail database of customers and a database of customers who have opted in for you to text message them offers and information. You will definitely need to know the difference between APPs and WAPs and how if at all, it applies to you and what it is that you do. Intimidated yet? Even if you are, there is one thing that all of these elements have in common, and it is the understanding of this common factor that will help you not only understand each individual element, but it will put you in a place, mentally that will help you apply what’s right for you, your business and/or your goals. The common factor is that all of the elements are all located in one place and that location is the Digital World. We’ll start by understanding what that is.

We, as people don’t just live in houses on streets, in neighborhoods that make up towns, in cities of counties that reside in states that make up country’s within continents that make up our world. Within all of that, at any moment we can remove ourselves from that world, and enter the Digital World. I’m not just referring to the kid who sits in his basement and pretends to be a Sorcerer with healing powers while he plays an online role playing game. You are right to say that he is in the Digital World, but so is the business man who has his blackberry 8 inches from his nose while he lay in bed each night. You don’t need to be locked away or positioned in any particular place in the real world, to enter the Digital World. You would only need a point of entry. I assure you that these two worlds do intersect all the time, but for the purposes of understanding we’re going to be looking at the Digital World individually because it is after all very different. To gain an understanding of all the elements that make up the Digital World, you will need to concede to the fact that such a world exists, and people around you in this world are popping in and out of the Digital World all of the time. We as people don’t just live in the real world anymore, we live in both. Almost every single one of us. So I ask you, when it comes time for you to communicate to a certain group of people, to convey a message to them, to advertise, to separate the people of the real world who may be interested in giving you’re their hard earned money in exchange for your product or service, are you taking into account how these people live their lives in both the real world as well as the Digital World? If you’re not, I assure you that you are wasting a lot of money. And not because you aren’t speaking to the right people, but because you’re speaking to the right people the wrong way, or at the wrong time.

To understand the Digital World, let’s compare it to the features that make up our world. The atmosphere of the Digital World is made up of Wi-Fi, wireless, and cell phone 3g & 4g networks. They encompass the entire Digital World, laying a transparent blanket of opportunity to enter the Digital World. The roadways, ship lanes and air routes are the internet. Which creates the ability to navigate through the entire digital world at lightning speed to reach your desired digital destination. A website is a house, business storefront, office or factory, while a blog is a diary or a newspaper article. There is only one thing that the Digital World requires that the real world does not, and that is a point of entry or gateway. Your computer, laptop, netbook, cell phone, smartphone, iPad, etc. is this gateway. It gives you the access to the Digital World that you want. I say, “…the access that you want…” because you choose whether or not to have a cell phone that can access the internet, you choose to own a PC or laptop, the choice is yours. I specifically said that those devices, those gateways give you the access that you “want,” rather than the access that you, “need.” I did this because once you have an understanding of the Digital World you will be able to more accurately know what you need to accomplish the goals you will set.

By Michael Batiste

V.P. Business Development

Mobile Card Cast