Cashing in on Millennials

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 4.44.07 PMIt’s the term that marketers hear in their sleep. Millennial. All anyone can really talk about capitalizing on lately is the Millennial market.  Bank of America Merill Lynch recently published 8 trends they found among Millennials and how they shape some great investment opportunities. The trends are listed below, but my take on these trends of course run back to the mobile aspect. There are trends, yes, but most of the trends and opportunities that lie ahead for marketers are in the ability to tap into each from a mobile perspective. We know that the Millennial generation has had the most exposure to the digital world and its now easier to reach them through mobile than any other channel.

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Mobile Nominations Lead to Free McDonalds Breakfast

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 4.46.20 PM.pngLet’s leave health and wellness issues at the door for a minute. As of late, McDonalds has been really killing it in the mobile market. We’re all well aware of the very public battle for breakfast between McDonalds and newcomer Taco Bell, but McDonalds seems to really have their mobile reach in tune right now and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

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Responsive Design for Mobile & The Super Bowl

Mobilization Pass or Fail: Natural Selection Wines

Mobilization Pass or Fail: Natural Selection Wines

Natural Selection Wines – an organic winery – has implemented a QR Code on their packaging.  While enjoying a glass of this delicious vintage I scanned the QR Code and was taken to their traditional website which is not formatted for use on my mobile device.  FAIL – they could substantially enhance the user experience by implementing a mobile landing page at minimum.


Submitted by: Seth Kaplan

CEO of Life in Mobile, John Lim at Google HQ in Mountainview, CA. as featured speaker to Top Website Publishers

Native Apps vs Gateway Apps: The Pros & Cons

Let’s be honest. You bought your smartphone for one main reason: the apps. Apps let you do virtually anything you want; from playing games, to logging your latest run workout, to locating your ex at that precise moment, and everything in between. You may notice big differences between apps when you open them; many open to copyrighted programs, but some open directly in your mobile device’s Internet browser. These are Gateway apps and Native apps, and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

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What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a broad term because it can refer to several different ideas or topics at once. Simply put, mobile marketing deals with how the producer can maximize participation and profit while ensuring a quality experience for the mobile user.

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Do QR Codes Work?

Over the past six months QR Codes, those funny looking square bar codes, have become all the rage.  They started popping up in retail stores, magazines and every real estate tradeshow in this hemisphere.  Real estate agents were anxious to use them and vendors were anxious to incorporate them as part of their product (why not their free) as “added value”.

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Mobile stats stack well for Rand Realty

I recently had the chance to sit down with the great folks over at BHG Rand Realty, New York, to discuss their current mobile strategy, changes they want to make to the present and where they want to go and do in the near future.  Matt and Joe Rand proved to be industry leaders on the mobile real estate forefront over a year ago when they launched the robust mobile version of which was unlike any mobile site of its kind at the time.  Their new initiatives will only serve to continue that statement, I can assure of that having had a sneak peak, but that’s not what we will focus on here in this column.

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Cracking The QR Code

With the national release of OneCode™ last week I had more conversations than ever before about QR Codes and their functionality.  We have discussed QR Codes here on Monday Morning’s in the past, but since the level of interest in them continues to I thought it was worth spending some time. Continue reading