Top Reasons Why QR Codes Are Not Dead!

Top reasons why QR Codes are not dead!

Whether you think QR Codes were too slow at being adopted, or never adopted at all here in the United States, I’d like to present to you some information about some recent campaigns, and how they suggest the complete opposite.

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Mobilization Pass or Fail: Natural Selection Wines

Mobilization Pass or Fail: Natural Selection Wines

Natural Selection Wines – an organic winery – has implemented a QR Code on their packaging.  While enjoying a glass of this delicious vintage I scanned the QR Code and was taken to their traditional website which is not formatted for use on my mobile device.  FAIL – they could substantially enhance the user experience by implementing a mobile landing page at minimum.


Submitted by: Seth Kaplan

A Breakdown of the ‘Branded’ Trailer

It isn’t often that you see a trailer insert brand advertising schemes for a movie that emphasizes the immorality of branded products. The upcoming film, Branded, presents that, along with a whole bunch of other strange scenes in its trailers alone.

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SMS and QR Code Statistics

The SMS market is constantly evolving as businesses try to find new ways to connect with their audience. SMS marketing has proven to be more beneficial to companies in recent years, as the mobile spectrum broadens and new technologies are built. Below are stats regarding SMS usage and how they relate to other types of advertising. Find out more about mobile marketing here.

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What Are QR-Codes?

You see them everywhere; on billboards, on TV commercials, on the back of ketchup bottles, and on coffee cups. Yes, they look like disfigured and pixelated Andre the Giant paintings, but what exactly are QR-Codes and why do we see them everywhere?

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Property Search 3.0

There’s no question that as a society we are more mobile than we have ever been.  With over 300 million mobile users in this country, a 96% penetration rate, it’s safe to say this isn’t going to change anytime soon, instead only increase.

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From Shopping Carts to Shopping QR’ts

This morning my Father told me that he was looking to get a new “cell phone” and said he “doesn’t need to have the internet on his phone,” to which I responded, “You don’t need it, but why wouldn’t you want to have it?”

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Do QR Codes Work?

Over the past six months QR Codes, those funny looking square bar codes, have become all the rage.  They started popping up in retail stores, magazines and every real estate tradeshow in this hemisphere.  Real estate agents were anxious to use them and vendors were anxious to incorporate them as part of their product (why not their free) as “added value”.

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Borgata Poker…You’re Doing It WRONG!

This one broke my heart – in more than one way. So any of you who know me know Im a poker player. I have the attention span of an unmedicated 3 year old with ADHD after drinking four red bulls, yet i can spend countless hours at a poker table drinking bad beer and studying every nuance of the 9 overweight and bacterially unsound fellows at my table. I don’t know why actually, i just fell in love with the game when i was young, playing for pennies with my mother and grandfather. Living close to Atlantic City and Upper CT, i have poker player cards to virtually all AC casinos as well as Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods, and receive trees worth of mailings from them each year.

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Make it there – you’ll make it anywhere

Having attended the NAR Midyear meetings in DC recently and keeping my ear close to the street on the mobile buzz, it seems to me that there are still those that doubt the viability of QR Codes.  Are they a phase/craze?  Will they be obsolete by next year?  While these are all viable questions to ask when discussing new technology the fact remains, QR Codes are NOT new technology.

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