Spend money to make money?

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 4.36.30 PMTechnology is opening new doors everyday across every industry and real estate is no exception.  As the largest trade organization in the country, new technology vendors are constantly looking to tap into the real estate industry.  This means brokers and agents alike are inundated with looking at and incorporating new technologies into their marketing mix all the time.  We can’t all do everything, but does what we buy and how much we spend on technology actually make us more money?

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The Constantly Mobile Consumer

Last week when Steve Jobs made a surprise appearance to unveil the ipad2 he made note of the fact that in only 9 months during 201 Apple sold nearly 15 million iPads, which generated close to 10 billion dollars in revenue for the company.  According to Jobs, “2010 was the year of the iPad.”  Well now, with over 30 tablet devices on the market from companies such as Motorola, hp, Samsung and Blackberry, 2011 is poised to be the year of the tablet in general.

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The Three Coolest Things of 2010

Twas the Monday after Christmas and all through the house, nothing was stirring, not even my computer’s mouse, but the blackberry was a buzzing, as it always does, and it will get my attention, as the device that I love.  The device that we all love – our mobile phones, have never been better.

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Coordination and Integration

When I first graduated college and worked in the financial services industry, one of the best terms I ever heard was “coordination and integration”.  We used the term to describe how our financial instruments would work in conjunction with one another for the benefit of the client’s portfolio.  Something about that term stuck with me.  It made sense and regardless of what I have done since then I try to incorporate it when appropriate.    Recently, I use the term to describe how a company’s marketing efforts should coincide with one another; in a coordinated and integrated manner.

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HSA Goes Mobile With MRE ID

In today’s changing real estate environment not only are real estate agents and brokers looking for new ways to reach consumers, but real estate related firms are looking for the same when it comes to reaching agents and brokers.  Firms such as home warranty companies, due to recent HUD rulings, must change the way they compensate and work with real estate professionals for selling/promoting their products.  In short, because the administrative fees which have long been paid out are no longer a viable option, home warranty companies must adjust the way they interact with real estate professionals who are vital to their business.

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iPad comes to MRE ID

We here at Mobile Real Estate ID have officially adopted the iPad on a trial basis. At first glacé it is certainly a very sexy device. For lack of a more technical explanation, if nothing else, it’s fun to hold and play with.

As I write this blog post from the iPad, I must admit that I do find it rather nice to type on. Almost a cross between the I phone and a traditional computer keyboard.

What we as an office with have struggled with thus far is the practical business applications of the device. As we continue to explore the possibilities of iPad we will be sure to keep you all posted on the latest and greatest business uses of the device.

Stay tuned…

Development Differences Part I

As the President of Mobile Real Estate ID, a Mobile marketing and technology company serving the real estate industry, one of the questions I have been asked most frequently over the past couple months is, “Why should we work with you instead of our website provider?”  Originally, my response was very simple: your website provider does not develop sites for Mobile Devices.  As I dug deeper into the differences between developing sites for the traditional internet and Mobile web, I realized that answer is in fact much more complex.

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What do Mobile and Father’s Day Have in Common?

For all of us who celebrated Father’s Day yesterday as fathers, children or spouses, you may have experienced either the receiving or giving of gifts. As you know gifts can come in many forms and be delivered in many different ways—in person, through the mail or online to name a few. The most important thing is that whatever your gift might be, that it gets there and is received by your father intact and the way it was intended. The same holds true when it comes Mobile Technology and delivering real estate information to consumers on their Mobile Devices.

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Does Your Brand Have Mobile Integrity?

Monday June 14, 2010

As the Rye Town Hilton in Westchester County was home to RISMedia’s 2010 Leadership Conference and “The Real Estate Social Media Summit,” the whole placed buzzed of blog-posts-in-the-making for the nearly 1,000 in attendence—as there was an overwhelming amount of information to soak up in 48 hours.

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The Gateway App

We see it and hear it every day, “there’s an app for that”.  Now-a-days with the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and an infinite number of other devices/OSs with their own app stores, there is certainly no shortage of downloadable content for one’s Mobile Device.  So how can we take advantage of this as business owners and real estate professionals?  The problem that most of us have is that to create your own App it’s expensive, it needs to be built and maintained across multiple platforms and for a consumer to download it they have to go through a crowded App store with numerous other real estate applications; or do they?  The fact of the matter is that as a trusted real estate expert within your market you can give your consumers and agents the ability to download your brand directly the home screen of their Mobile Device without investing tens of thousands of dollars.  A Gateway App™ allows you to do just that.  So what is it?

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