Spend money to make money?

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 4.36.30 PMTechnology is opening new doors everyday across every industry and real estate is no exception.  As the largest trade organization in the country, new technology vendors are constantly looking to tap into the real estate industry.  This means brokers and agents alike are inundated with looking at and incorporating new technologies into their marketing mix all the time.  We can’t all do everything, but does what we buy and how much we spend on technology actually make us more money?

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Cashing in on Millennials

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 4.44.07 PMIt’s the term that marketers hear in their sleep. Millennial. All anyone can really talk about capitalizing on lately is the Millennial market.  Bank of America Merill Lynch recently published 8 trends they found among Millennials and how they shape some great investment opportunities. The trends are listed below, but my take on these trends of course run back to the mobile aspect. There are trends, yes, but most of the trends and opportunities that lie ahead for marketers are in the ability to tap into each from a mobile perspective. We know that the Millennial generation has had the most exposure to the digital world and its now easier to reach them through mobile than any other channel.

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Making Your Experiential Events Count

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 4.57.39 PMThe summer is on the way at last. After a brutally cold, and seemingly never ending winter in New York and around the the US, you can bet that consumers will be taking to the streets in full force in the next few weeks. What better time for marketers to hit the streets themselves and take advantage of spring fever and summer festivities?

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SMS Segment Looms Large

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.41.56 AMWhile there are some mobile apps and fads that the human population use excessively for a short time and then disappear, one use of the mobile phone remains consistent with its users. SMS, or  simply put, text messaging. Ah yes, one of the first ways that the mobile device had us hooked to our screens. Before there were all these apps, gadgets and other goodies the rise of smartphones has given to us, mobile marketing relied heavily on text messaging.

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Mobilization Pass or Fail: Natural Selection Wines

Mobilization Pass or Fail: Natural Selection Wines

Natural Selection Wines – an organic winery – has implemented a QR Code on their packaging.  While enjoying a glass of this delicious vintage I scanned the QR Code and was taken to their traditional website which is not formatted for use on my mobile device.  FAIL – they could substantially enhance the user experience by implementing a mobile landing page at minimum.


Submitted by: Seth Kaplan

Hispanics in the Mobile Market

As the mobile phone industry becomes both more useful and affordable with each passing day, the mobile market is expanding to different cultures around the world. The fastest-growing mobile market is within the Hispanic population in the America’s, especially in the United States. Nearly 94% of Hispanics in the United States use mobile regularly, 51% of which own smartphones (hispanicmarketinfo.com). 87% of Hispanic households own more than one mobile device at home and use them more than their PC or laptop. 64% of these mobile users text message daily versus just 56% of the entire U.S. market, and 12% use social networking sites via their mobile devices, versus just 10% of the general market (clubtextea.com). According to a report by The Hispanic Institute in May 2011, 53% of U.S. Hispanics use mobile devices to access the Internet, while only 33% of non-Hispanic whites use the mobile web (notixtech.com). Major Hispanic networks and brands such as Univision and ESPN Deportes have also made considerable adaptations to their mobile websites to make information more easily accessible for mobile guests. These brands have also made innovations by creating SMS/MMS interactions with their mobile audience, including event alerts and text-to-enter contests, that allow for both greater publicity and marketing opportunities. Advances in mobile retail by companies have also had an appeal to Hispanic shoppers, as 16% of Hispanic shoppers use their mobile devices to make purchases, compared to 10% of Caucasians (hispanicmarketinfo.com). With the constant growth of the mobile world, businesses big and small will be looking for new and relevant ideas to target the varying demographics throughout the U.S. and the world. Because Hispanics are so prominent in the mobile market, it is crucial for these companies to show a direct focus towards the Hispanic population to ensure maximum benefit for all parties.

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Property Search 3.0

There’s no question that as a society we are more mobile than we have ever been.  With over 300 million mobile users in this country, a 96% penetration rate, it’s safe to say this isn’t going to change anytime soon, instead only increase.

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Miller Mobile – You’re doing it wrong!

I couldn’t resist this one. SMS has been in play for years now, and yet still overpaid agencies can’t get it right. Please see exhibit A below:

Now, let’s take a look at this. This is obviously a coaster, likely being used in a bar or club to promote Miller’s “Win Epic Prizes” campaign. At a glance we can tell legal got their grubby hands on even the tagline…’epic’ has an asterisk which makes me question the epic-ness of the prizes. I digress.

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Coordination and Integration

When I first graduated college and worked in the financial services industry, one of the best terms I ever heard was “coordination and integration”.  We used the term to describe how our financial instruments would work in conjunction with one another for the benefit of the client’s portfolio.  Something about that term stuck with me.  It made sense and regardless of what I have done since then I try to incorporate it when appropriate.    Recently, I use the term to describe how a company’s marketing efforts should coincide with one another; in a coordinated and integrated manner.

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E-mail vs SMS

Often times when I’m speaking to new clients, and talking about the true power of SMS marketing they reference their e-mail list.  Perhaps I’m just too close to these forms of marketing but is it not common knowledge that most reports say that the open ratio on e-mail marketing is below 15 or 5 percent?  Listen, I know it was hard work to build that e-mail database, and chances are you did it yourself so there is also a bit of pride that goes along with it.  Please just understand that it’s not the best way for you to put butts in the seat, or hands on the counter.  It’s just one tool, that peaked a long time ago. Continue reading